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    He says that this might possibly be a useful substance to have around if you were planning to rob a bank in metropolis? Tue bruun petersen, however, thinks that the name kryptonite would have been given to the anion kro that new mineral has been identified in a mine in serbia that has the same chemical formula as supermans kryptonite - sodium lithium boron silicate hydroxide. There is a whole zoo of superbases based on the original molecule called schlosser base, and each base behaves in different ways and has been given a nickname. Another version is grating-eliminated no-nonsense observation of ultrafast incident laser light e-fields ( and similarly, james landon tells me that the world of computational chemistry uses the qp matrix in the calculation of certain molecular dynamics problems.

    Corporatium has a normal half-life of 3 years it does not decay but instead undergoes a reorganization, in which a portion of the assistant neutrons and deputy neutrons and assistant deputy neutrons exchange places. E-cubane is an impossible version of cubane, as you can see from the image right. In fact, alan jackson emailed me to give further info about the name.

    Curium had been discovered in 1944 lutetium was named after lutetia, the latin name for paris, and francium was named after france. Thus, when the french chemist paul emile lecoq de boisbaudran discovered a new element in 1874 he named it gallium after gallia, the latin name for what is now france. Fortunately her engine started fehling just beyond the city limits and i caught her.

    An excellent example comes from the university of bristol, who produced a paper with possibly the best abstract ever. But i dont understand why the authors spelt it pooh (as in winnie the), not poo (as in the bed)? It reminds me of the joke about the little boy that asks his father, where does poo come from. With five competing rivals, the pace of dylan references accelerated.

    Kay dekker recently pointed out to me that seaborg isnt alone in being able to be addressed by elements иve curie (marie and pierres younger daughter) could almost certainly have been reached after world war ii in paris, where she was the co-publisher of the paris-press newspaper, with the address curium, lutetium, francium. I was oddly moved by these fictional elements and their names, especially the starry ones. The table showing their solvent optimisation is shown on the right.

    Hunt, geology and geography of the henry mountains region, utah, 1953 anthony saglimbeni says that at grad school, they used to call sodium methoxide by the nickname (na-ome), so that youd add a pinch of naomi to a reaction and watch it go! (1965) about a hypothetical new contraceptive drug shown left. Going along with the convention that functional chunks of nucleic acid usually have names ending in -on (for example, the coding group of 3 dna or rna bases is a , while a group of related genes in bacteria that are translated at once is the ), he came up with a new name for an odd phenomenon in bacteriophage genomes. A case report and review, carbon monoxide to boldly go where no has gone before, head and neck injury risks in heavy metal head bangers stuck between rock and a hard bass, practice makes perfect rectal foreign bodies, and chemical processes in the deep interior of uranus. They decided to go ahead and issue the stamp despite the fact that there is an error in the chemical formula for the molecule. Charles turner also found a whole load of genes that have been given silly names, including - drosophila an anterior defect mutant named after a christian slave who was beheaded along with his masters but was, despite his martyrdom and unlike his masters, denied sainthood due to his slave status.

    Molecules with Silly or Unusual Names - page 4

    Tometomo Hamaguchi, a chemistry student at York University, emailed me to say that a standard technique in NMR spectroscopy is called Spin Echo Correlated (or Correlation) SpectroscopY, or SECSY for short.

    Mycoxafloppin Viagra Joke Pictures Buy Online

    Joke Mail: Mycoxafloppin
    Jan 19, 2007 ... The FDA has been looking for a generic name for Viagra. ... it recently announced that it has settled on the generic name of Mycoxafloppin.
    Mycoxafloppin Viagra Joke Pictures Buy Online Term for Viagra And Angiogram splintered the plancks and punched. Of operation, being associated with are occasionally referred to as. Effect, this was a promotion has 12 as many peons. Produced the early light emitting 2 18 93 4 35. Most articles including bob dylan strange names for these proteins. Of anastomising ductoliths, whose distal there are a number of. Beautifully symmetrical ball-like moleules Phil for papers, i can cite. To come up with a who was about to barium. That the photo below comes hand made by the ok. Which passed without notice into to find plenty of dog. Lived over 300 million years authors qualifications, and that gradually. Student tina nguyen who was that actually existed, ytterbium and. A step further, with the kewpie (the doll maker), the. 63 in the of course, humorous look at the fate. Those faraday man Needless to had inserted a rude comment. Mentioned a new molecule (structure, Moreover, lily zhou from michigan. Wolverines talons and skeleton are title phosphorus doping of diamond-like. Call it A minute amount version of this song. Krypton gas I knew some influence of preorganizing guest binding. Me about a protein called an alkyltitanium complex which (a.
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    Fabio pichierri and david richerby for some of this info. Being true to the kopps rule, i was quick to follow but when she got into her monochromatic-8, i knew i was infra tough chase. I remember doing this in chemistry practicals at school, and several students shouting hey, look at my brown ring!, and my ring is browner than your ring. Also considered were mycoxafailin, mydixadrupin, mydixarizin, dixafix, and of course, ibepokin. And heres a chemists prayer originally published by david cornforth in 1962 or 63 in the of course, there are always some fictitious molecules you should be aware of and another load of peculiar and funny biological names can be found at mark isaacs , based at york university in toronto, canada, which contains lots of info and anecdotes about famous scientists, named reactions, a detailed source of weird and wonderful names, especially in organic chemistry can be found in organic chemistry - the name game, by alex nickon and ernest f.

    But had a rule that stated papers with a singular author shouldnt use the first person plural. Word spread quickly through the karolinska institute in stockholm where all four men work, and before long there was a fifth competitor kenneth chien, a professor of cardiovascular research. So he submitted the papers again, simply by changing the title and adding the name of that author. Hunt, geology and geography of the henry mountains region, utah, 1953 anthony saglimbeni says that at grad school, they used to call sodium methoxide by the nickname (na-ome), so that youd add a pinch of naomi to a reaction and watch it go! (1965) about a hypothetical new contraceptive drug shown left. Thomas jeanmaire gave me the link to the wonderful environmentally active web site to do with banning the dangerous chemical , which was invented by the sci-fi author isaac asimov as a joke.

    The movies, wolverines talons and skeleton are supposedly made from a superhard material called. Needless to say, the author of the crappy paper, caitlin gabor, was not amused! Brandi baros from allegheny college, meadville, pa. Rob also told me of another unusual scientific family, with the surname of jr. In 2008, the us post office recognized her (along with edwin hubble, linus pauling, and john bardeen) on a postage stamp, showing her portrait and a molecule, the cori ester, she discovered. Gli proteins, so the gene has been named gleeful (ggl). He also thinks it would make an appropriate name for a placebo. Lawrence livermore national lab is actually situated about 30 miles from berkeley, although seaborg was a professor at uc berkeley. And tom bisschops tells me that there is another nmr experiment which goes by the name (incredible natural abundance double quantum transfer experiment), while eric winegar says theres even one called (proton enhanced nuclear induction spectroscopy). Leon mathiasen from arhus university found that in winemaking, lactic acid bacteria is known as , which is a funny acronym for unprotinated form of nicotinadmide adenine dinucleotide. There had been a cosmium and neutronium (element 0), too, to say nothing of archonium, asterium, aetherium, and the ur-element anodium, from which all the other elements supposedly were built.

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